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There are different ways of making tennis look easy. In the summer of 1990, I would often play and practice at UCLA. I was practicing my serve at the practice courts down from the main courts, and Sampras and Edberg took the court at the far end, away from the public. I walked over and sat on the grass to watch them.

This was the first time I had watched Sampras play in person. He was so quick, powerful, and smooth. While Edberg made the game look smooth and effortless, I remember thinking Sampras made the game look too easy.

This was a practice set the Sunday before the L.A. tournament. Sampras wore long surfer shorts and had the casual demeanor of a surfer as he bombed serves and forehands, and moved like a cat at the net. Edberg beat Sampras in the final one week later. Sampras won the U.S. Open a few weeks after the L.A. tournament.
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