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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
It's hard to say when my off days are due to the racket or to the user, for sure. But 1 thing I do know is that I have more up and down days with this racket than just about any other racquet in recent memory. I can't be certain what the causes are sometimes I just know if a certain racquet works for me or not. And yes I have been using this racquet for the last 2 weeks alone.
If you are more up and down with this than others, mabe it isn't a good fit for your playing style then, it's obviously not impossible it's happened to me, one of the most comfy (in terms of fit to me )racquets i ever played with was the yonex rds 001 mid, i've had 2 or 3 a few imes now but i kept finding that on my off days (weather it be footwork, tiredness, bad technique etc, we're all guilty of those sometimes aren't we) I was more often punished than i was using the dunlop ag 100, I think it comes down to finding a racquet you can play well with but on those (in my case frequent off days) having a frame in your hand that doesn't hurt you more than others.
I still would point you towards the coac idea though, they'll give you technique tips and an honest assesment on how you hit with frames compared to others you have.(assuming they aren't trying to sell a specific one to you)
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