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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Thanks for the advice guys. I'll try them out next time I'm on court and let you know how it goes.
You already have a lot of great advice. I recently went through a similar process on my 2hbh. You are a better player than me based on your ranking, but I still feel that my point is valid:

Which stance are you using? I was closing my stance, using lateral weight transfer, and hitting with a straight hitting arm (left). The result was a pretty flat ball. Good for passing shots but not so good for protracted rallying from the baseline. Especially not for angles and hitting up the line.

I changed that somewhat intuitively/organically. By that I mean it wasn't intentional. I simply stopped thinking about my arms, and whether they were straight or not. This allowed my hitting arm to bend a bit, Yandell calls it the flex. I now have a small bend in both elbows. I also have a more neutral stance and lead with my hips more. I started focusing on feeling the weight of the racquet in my hitting hand as I allow the racquet to drop, which automatically relaxed my non hitting arm. Now I generate a much better mix of pace and spin, which remain proportional to eachother as I increase swing speed. Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Another questions:

How does the swing type effect the type of ball you can hit? You'll notice that Murray swings very across on his backhand whereas Djokovic will swing more traditionally upwards and over the shoulder.

Which is better and for what scenarios?
The obvious answer here would be Murrays more horizantal swing path gives him a flatter ball, which combined with his height is great for cross court where the net is low. Djokovic's more horizantal swing path gives his ball more shape which leads to better margins up the line. This was pretty evident in the 2012 USO final, where Murray was pinning Djokovic out wide with his backhand and Djokovic was more often looking to pull the trigger up the line. More often than Murray anyway. That's how I remember it, I won't be rewatching it to check though.
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