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Originally Posted by jaggy View Post
Living in america I would say you have 2 choices. Contact your lawyer and give him a darn good suing or alternatively pack an assault weapon in your bag like most of us do.
Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
It entertains me greatly to see a situation like this discussed by mostly American people and it basically revolves around the "you should sue him.." theme.
What "sue him" theme? In 40 posts there was one (obviously facetious) reference to suing for monetary damages (and jaggy's assault rifle reference along with it should've put it into context for anyone with two brain cells).

No, the posts here did not stress "suing for money" but instead addressed a potentially injurious assault with the varying avenues of response available to the OP .... not to mention the over-the-top humor as well.

Besides, why should anyone care whether you're "entertained greatly" or not, especially when you disingenuously prefaced it on a false premise? Poofter.
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