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Did anyone try low tension on this one ?
Im at about 54 pounds but considering 48-50 pounds to get a softer feel,im worried it could turn into a rocket launcher though,it does feel quite firm still so it could work.

Im using wilson sensation 16,so its a soft string but my arm is bugging me so i have to go softer tension or softer racquet.

Could be interesting to try a hybrid at even lower tension with a poly mains, to add some spin to make the shots dip down faster.

I just read that just from changing string pattern 18*20 vs 16*19, the 18*20 should be stringed up to 5 pounds lower to feel the same,and this one also have smaller head so i guess it would add even more stiffness.

That could explain why my Vcore 100s feels softer at 60 pounds and same string.
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