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Originally Posted by fasfsfgs View Post
Hey gavna. I'm interested as well in US Open tickets and I actually wanted to buy a package since I'm visiting NY mostly to watch US Open.

In USO/USTA site, they are only taking deposits on mini plans and they are only for promenade seats.

I'm wondering where can I buy tickets for seats closer to the court. If anyone could suggest a reliable way to buy them, I'd really appreciate it.
Those close in seats that are near the court are "season" ticket holders and corporate seating - many are also reserved for the various tours that offer full packages - those can run you at the least $1000+ per session - i know folks who have bought a 5 day package from a certain tour group and paid $6000+ for seats right behind the players. USTA in fact holds back a certain number of prime seats for corporate demands and VIPs - one reason you see so many empty seats courtside unless its a top top player.

It's a tough issue but just buy the best seats you can now - and on courts like 17 and the grandstand and even Armstrong you can get right down there courtside.

I would never trust google or resale sites outside the USTA one as I know folks in years past have been scammed and scammed badly.
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