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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
I wasn't there, but I tend to think that the OP could have been fully justified to call the police.

A water bottle, especially if full, is heavy enough to do some serious damage. I could probably easily cause a concussion by chucking a water bottle into someone's head.

I might have called the police, especially since my natural reaction would be to settle that particular problem with my fists. Better to have clearly defined boundaries than to potentially escalate into a situation in which I might be arrested.
This is called "ramping it up." Again, the mature thing, for me at least, and most people I know, would be to chalk it up as an error (for the server and for the water bottle thrower) and not compound the problem by escalating it. I think forgiving and asking for an apology is the thing to have done. But heck, I live in the *******, and not crazy land.
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