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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
Do you have a tear in the articular cartilage? Or a tear in the meniscus? Or both?

Des the Stem cell/PRP treatment help for both types of tears?
I have a loose LCL and to a lesser extend a loose ACL a bit of a patellar issue and light to moderate opstearthritis, and maybe a small meniscus tear. The Stem/cell PRP treatment has had promising results in helping significantly in osteoarthritis cases, meniscus repair and has in some cases shown significant cartilage regneration. It can also add collagen growth to the injured areas of the tendons/ligaments and the result is a "tightening" effect.
My knee was not that bad but was starting to act up more, so I read a lot and decided to be proactive and try this treatment to extend my "active lifestyle" knee life as opposed to waiting for things to get really bad and that is when options are more limited. Note that I had excellent results with chronic achilles tendonis (both legs) treatment via PRP - the only thing that worked!
Like I said, I will keep the forum ip to date on how it works. This is cutting edge stuff, like PRP was 4-5 years ago.

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