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Default Using Gamma Clamps on an Eagnas Machine

Hey guys, this is a future reference for myself as well as an FYI for everyone else. I own an Eagnas Combo 910 machine, and one of the string-assisted clamps broke on me. The breaking was more due to my own fault in not realizing how the tightening mechanism works and me overtightening. But anyways, when looking to replace just a single clamp from Eagnas, I found it was gonna cost me $162, which I found way too absurd. I had to do a little sleuthing around badminton forums and found that Gamma quick action clamps will work just fine with the machine. There were also a hell of a lot cheaper at $75.00, and they work way better as well.

TL;DR ---> Eagnas swivel clamps can be upgraded to Gamma quick action base clamps (Make sure to get MQAC-10, not MQAC-11).

Hope this helps anyone looking to upgrade their Eagnas machines.
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