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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
they can't do it consistently, the errors start piling up and then it gets to them mentally, the tense up and the error floodgates open.. then they try to outgrind him, we know how that ends, etc...

the top guys know they'll have a few errors using this strategy, but they set up for winners better and take a few errors here and there without it getting to them. i.e. they are prepared to lose a few points with the correct strategy as long as they execute well enough on average and in key points. the know that if they build up points better to set up for their winners than it will work out at the end.

check out Almagro vs. Ferrer at the Aussie Open earlier this year. all it took was a bit of nerves from getting close to beating Ferrer and Almagro's game came tumbling down... Ferrer was consistent the whole match. So strong mentally. Machine...
So here's my question...

Can Ferrer beat THIS Nadal? The one with the bad knees and inconsistent backhands Nadal. Question is interesting because it's on clay, and we know Rafa on there.
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