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Default San Francisco Tennis Club Tourney's

Anyone in the Bay Area here? After a 15 year tennis hiatus I am for the first time playing competitively as an adult rather then a Junior player. SF Tennis club is hosting almost a tournament every month in 2013. So far I've played two matches....lost 2 and 2 in 4.5 and then took two games off a real hotshot junior playing Open. I almost laughed after each game I won as this player was as a good as any (actually better)then any of the Juniors I played in 16 and under Nationals a lifetime ago.

What I like about the SF Tennis Club is that I can get there via public transportation without too much trouble, the courts and the club are very nice, and most of all the draws for the women's side have about more players then in Oakland.

What I don't like about is that I have to get there early so I don't stress about being late. And nothing makes nerves worse than having an hour to kill before you play.

Alas it is fun to be back playing...but it'll be even more fun if I can get a few wins.
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