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Originally Posted by mlocke1322 View Post
Love at first hit for me so far. These are great racquets. Feel is great. You can definitely feel the benefits of the silicone and there was very little vibration, even on off center shots. Definitely better than my Bio Max200G in that respect. Groundstrokes just felt SO solid. Volleying is great, the balance makes it easy to to maneuver at net. Serving was great, when I was tossing well. I definitely had some mechanical issues getting in the way serving but I am going back out later so I'll have the chance to go again. Still has a bit of a metallic ping without a dampener in but I play with one, so a non-issue for me.

Plow felt good, considering the swingweight is so low. Played other solid 4.5's and didn't get pushed around so I don't know that I'll be adding any lead.

Very pleased so far and am excited to get back on court again today. Nothing but good things so far!
Thanks for the mini review! Looks like I'm gonna be picking one up
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