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Originally Posted by fleabitten View Post
Hey congratulations LIA!
This will be my first season captaining a 4.5 team of friends that just want to get playing time. We will keep the team small so that we play often. I think we will have a middle of the pack kind of team and have explained that to everyone who has joined. We shall see....
Thanks, I find captaining/playing with the non-contenders as easier. The egos tend to remain in check. I hope you have a great experience. For the 18+ league, I plan on playing on a for fun team myself.

Playoffs tend to bring out the worst in players. Only 8 guys can be on the court and 16 thuk they should be on the court. When it is with friends and no expectations, playing time keeps players happy.

My team is the 40+ league so that is a little better than dealing with the 23 year old former high school stars. Yet, believe me that there is plenty of ego even among adults. I had a guy upset because he was not in the playoff lineup after he went 1-3 in flight play.... All at line 3 doubles.
Average over the hill 4.5...
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