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Default Masters 1000 equivalents

Originally Posted by Xavier G View Post
Orantes has a case for no.1 in 1975, had a good summer particularly, but I think Arthur Ashe just has a better case winning WCT Dallas and Wimbledon. Orantes and Arthur both had their best year in 1975. Ashe won on more varied surfaces than Orantes overall.
It was a year no one person dominated.
Jimbo got to three Slam finals and lost the lot. He was the most consistent player overall, but didn't win a major, so Ashe is no.1 for me.
Not to take away from Ashe but other than the Wct finals and wimbledon, were his other wins in events of any consequence? Of the titles that are typically considered the masters 1000 equivalents - arthur didn't win any of them. In fact he only made one final of them. I consider these events to be masters 1000 equivalents that year. The are the top tournaments below the slams and season end finals level (wct finals and the masters)

Monte Carlo WCT
Philadelphia WCT
Las Vegas
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