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Originally Posted by tennis4 View Post
I think the OP asked if it is feasible to put WISE 2086 on a DW.
Yes, thank you. Sorry it wasn't clear.

I've used a drop weight. It's time consuming and not precise enough for me. I sold my Alpha String Pal because of it.

Now... I've used a Neos 1000 and it's great comparative to my DW. My thought process:

Spend 1000 plus on a Neos 1000 or something similar, and get good results but spend a chunk of change.

Or: Get another DW, and get the Wise 2086 and put it on a DW and save a couple hundred bucks and still get good results. Plus portability which for me isn't entirely necessary but could be in the future.

If I were to put a Wise 2086 on a DW...would it still be effective?
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