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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
If you already have a Used Neos 1000 why not just add a Wise, if space is not problem. If you spent $1K+ on an USED NEOS, that's almost the price of a brand new one. I know of a couple of places that are selling used Neos 1000 for $895.

You can probably get a USED Gamma 4000, if you like glide bars; and put a Wise on it with not too much problems. It's been done and there are many threads on putting a Wise on a DW machine.

If you mean "effective" to work, the answer is "YES".
Sorry if I am still not being clear.

Current situation: No stringer what so ever.

I know the Neos is good because I HAVE USED ONE.
You however have answered my question about attaching a Wise on a DW.

I was simply asking if a Wise on a DW would be comparable to efficiency of a Neos 1000 because it would be more cost effective to purchase both a DW and Wise compared to the Neos 1000.
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