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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
OK. On economic the long run........the rich should support the Democrats and the poor should support the Republicans because "we cannot tax the rich our way out of it", as you say.

So if that Democratic policy is no good, I guess we gotta go with the other party and tax the middle class and cut entitlements for the poor. Just ran that by my lunch pail friends and told them it would be real good for them in the long run. They said in the long run they'd all be dead.

(I take it by your silence that you think point 4 is wrong)
Support positions that make sense, democratic or republican. A democratic pres. commissioned Bowles Simpson, which was bipartisan. It made sense. The same pres. mothballed the report because of politics. That's the problem. Ask your lunch pail friends how we going to pay the interest on the debt as it goes over 17 trillion. What happens when interest rates raise or China stops lending to us. Here's what real lunch pail folks say to that: don't understand the issue or don't care.
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