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I have a X-2 and just got a neos 1000 last week.

The stringjob done on X-2 is not quite the same as those on neos 1000, while I consider both were done consistently. The difference is in the feel ... maybe I am too sensitive, or subject. ?

In your case, what kind of DW you have in mind? A fixed clamp configuration starts @ 450, plus $500 to Wise 2086. That brings the total to near $1000.

Originally Posted by austinjbrunner View Post
Sorry if I am still not being clear.

Current situation: No stringer what so ever.

I know the Neos is good because I HAVE USED ONE.
You however have answered my question about attaching a Wise on a DW.

I was simply asking if a Wise on a DW would be comparable to efficiency of a Neos 1000 because it would be more cost effective to purchase both a DW and Wise compared to the Neos 1000.
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