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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
You are correct, its very hard for me to ignore you because you are such a great little package....a diehard, ultraright winger who repeats word for word what Rush and Fox tells him, combined with a tennis dad who tries to take all the credit for his kid's success.

I have had my fun with either one of them, but all in one package? Now that is pure gold!
Yeah, and you're a loony liberal who believes all the huge lies our President tells the American public. It's clear you obviously get your talking points from MSNBC, Al Gore, the Daily Kos and The Huffington Post.

You also are probably a big fan of Joe Biden. BAAAAH Ha ha ha!!!!!!

This thread will be gone soon or posts will be deleted.
"i thought those were just a little harmless brown bugs, you know the ones take wings and fly? but it turned to be Flees." Fedace

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