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Originally Posted by merwy View Post
Nobody has to hate anyone. We're just stating what we hate about them.

Ok here I go:

Murray: Ugly forehand. A bit passive game although it's become more interesting over the last couple of years. The most boring personality I have ever seen in my entire life. His celebration after he won his first GS was absurd, I feel like it was almost insulting to the tournament. How can you finally win something after working so hard and failing so many times and still have such a "whatever" look on your face?
Originally Posted by merwy View Post
Think about it, have you ever seen a player hit like that, ever? Nobody hits the ball with that kind of an ugly, ridiculous technique. He completely rapes the game of tennis by doing what he does but it's very effective. It would be the same if one soccerteam started using this tactic:
Originally Posted by merwy View Post
Damn you people are a bunch of girls.. Who cares if it doesn't look "pretty"? I don't think Gulbis himself changed it because of the way it looks. I think efficacy is the most important (and the only important..) factor here. He says he will train more and be more dedicated so perhaps his new forehand is something that will help him produce some results this year. He looked very good in Rotterdam.
Also, there is nothing wrong with a big backswing. It helps you set up for a bigger shot. It's just that I have no idea what the hell he's trying to do with his left arm. But I'm sure there's some thought behind it, he's not just making up random movements just for heck of it.
Spare us, Merwy. Is Gulbis your son or brother that you insult people just because they think his forehand looks ugly? These quoted posts indicate that you can't refrain from making superficial critiques of effective tennis games. Nadal and Murray are both immensely successful players and by calling their games "ugly", you are calling yourself a "girl"...and a very hypocritical one at that.

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