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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
I don't really understand the objection. The forehand is one of the few shots where players can differentiate themselves from others. Most players have a unique aspect of their takeback, swing length, and so on. The game would become rather dull if everyone had a nice, clean textbook Federer, Ferrer or Agassi forehand.

The variation among forehand styles (while of course, the fundamentals remain the same between all professional players) also helps recreational players, because they can choose more than one pro to copy from. If one approach doesn't work, they can switch to another pro's approach. They can also develop their own style, again so long as it does not compromise the fundamentals. Pointing to the diversity of pro level forehands is also a good defense against the money-grubbing coach that wants to "re-build" your stroke, requiring several additional lessons.
There is no objection. Why can't anyone comment on aesthetics of a players game without being accused of hating or being a "girl" (heh, nice 'insult' Merwy)? The point of posting that picture was not to hate on Gulbis, but just to show the excessive movements he does before hitting his forehand (which kinda look funny IMO). Gulbis's forehand is not even that unorthodox. He does have excessive arm movement, but boiled down, he still gets the racquet head speed and windshield viper finish which is essential for the modern forehand.

Also, nothing about Federer's forehand is textbook.

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