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I couldn't tell anyone about what happened yesterday as there are no real words to describe it.

Mick I and played Friday in the rain for a couple of hours. Saturday we went to a large court with alot of other players, dry outside.

As usual before we even play, people, and I just don't understand people, here I am 6'1" and muscular, this man walks up and starts giving advice. My son and I are polite and don't say anything, just "Thanks".

We play and it's real good, nothing special. We work out though for like 4 hours, we are both tired. Through it I ask others is they will play Mick as I think it's good experience for him and he wants it.

Finally, this guy who was about 28, who started younger than Mick, plays all year round, said "If you want me to hit with him", "Please" I say.

Of course the guys tries to tell Mick, because he saw him, "Oh you should use a two handed backhand with that heavy racquet, you should...". They played, ever see a "Miracle" shot?

Mick never went behind the baseline except when absolutely necessary, in short he KICKED THIS GUYS BUTT, the guys wife was next to me, she and others watching were clapping, Mick's every shot was unbelivable, hard deep topspin followed by a short flat shot to the line, no human can get that, drop shots, wide, shot, hard, soft, slice, topspin, he KILLED THIS GUY, I couldn't believe it, I thought "He'll fall apart", then he moved back hit a shot and fell, clapping again.

It was the most amazing thing I ever saw in my life, the other guy was amazed, didn't know what to do, at first it was going to be like 5 minutes, they went over 30 as the guy tried to establish himself.

The problem was the guy was trained "Modern Style", he was expecting to hit huge topspin, have it land mid court, the bounce and wait for Mick to hit it. Mick would run up, catch the shot mid air and put it away.

I was smart to listen to my instincts instead of all of these so called experts, start with small heavy racquet, work on shot making, keep your eye on the ball, then move up. Learn baseline, and serve and volley, hit hard, hard, medium, hard, soft, deep, drop, make everything different.

This was the ultimate performance, I mean with me he relaxes and just cruises, he was like a lion, he wanted to kill this guy and he had no chance, he had no clue what to do. Mick was picking up balls on the rise early and driving it where the guy wasn't.

These guys are used to hitting hard from the baseline, they have no clue with a variety of shots, and I simply don't care what anyone says, I have some on my side also.

If Mick keeps this up, that is desire, training, he can go along way. I'm simply stunned.
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