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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
Thanks. I'm prob gonna record again this week, and the things I want to really focus on are holding the grip lower, more PTD (with that 60-70 degree back swing position), leading with the butt cap, and split stepping between shots (just for you Cheetah :P ).

For lowering the grip, do you think what I said before - spinning the racquet (just one half turn) between shots - is a good option for recreating the feel every time?
I'm not sure about that. I think that's personal preference. I spin between shots but i don't give it any thought. i just do it to keep the hands loose and to keep the tension out of my hands and arms. I also don't hold the racquet by the grip when i'm walking back to the service line or between points for the same reason (grabbing by the throat). i learned that trick from boris becker years back.

I see a lot of ppl here talking about spinning the racquet but i ignore those convos so i don't know what they are saying regarding the spinning.

I'm guessing the grip change will take about 3 weeks. If you stick w/ it for 3 weeks you won't go back to your previous grip.. you'll see.
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