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I've had a quick look. On my DVD copy of the January 1983 Masters final, it's CBS' broadcast, after Lendl beats McEnroe and has received the winner's cheque, they mention that they are going to show highlights of the previous year's final between Lendl and Gerulaitis, how Lendl came back to win from 2 sets down.

On screen, it says:



Grand Prix Masters Final

Thanks for checking. I'm thinking back now, when I got into tennis in '85, the January Masters was often referred to according to the year in which it took place, on TV, and in yearbooks from encyclopedias in which I looked up tennis.

For example, such yearbooks would say that Borg won the Volvo Masters in 1980 and 1981.

And that's how I referred to them, too, even though I knew what the structure of the Masters was, as a season-ending championship. For me there was no contradiction in the January Masters ending the 1979 season but being referred to as the 1980 Masters.

I'm American so perhaps I thought of it that way because we refer to American football the same way: the football season begins in September 1979, and in January they play the Super Bowl, and it's referred to commonly as the 1980 Super Bowl.

In other words, for the Masters that took place in January 1980, calling it "the 1980 Masters" is just a way of saying in which year it took place -- without specifying anything about the official tennis season.
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