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Yes and yes, but Stringway makes a sort of glide bar clamp which does not use a cone lock and Babolat Star 5/Sensor use a sort of disc brake. Then let's not get into Electro Magnetic clamps.

Getting back to Eagnas and Gamma. Eagnas lower end clamp is called a Cone lock swivel clamp, because of the cone like washer. The switch action also has a cone but is activated with a cam/switch, it's a copy of the older Babolat swivel clamps.

The Gamma Quick Action clamps are similar to the Eagnas CL clamps. They require a 1/4 to 1/3 turn to lock, instead of the 1/2 turn of the Eagnas. The Gamma Switch Action Cam-lock are decades better than the Eagnas clamps. I have over 1000 rackets on my Gamma clamps, and they have not slipped yet nor need constant adjustment like the Eagnas SA clamps of that same usage.
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