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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
How? With the Sampras serve he's always in the match. On a fast grass court that they played at the time Sampras in my opinion would be the clear favorite to win.
obviously ...

Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Sampras himself said hat he could hit shots with his backhand nowadays that he couldn't hit in his heyday because of the new technology. I'm sure he would be better at the baseline.
would have to massively disagree with this ... His BH in a vacuum would be better with new technology , but not on a tennis court . He'd be forced to stay on the baseline more and face tougher forehands and backhands than he did @ his prime and would be forced to hit them far more often too considering the no of elite defenders these days are far more than at his prime - nadal, djokovic, murray, federer, hewitt, davydenko, ferrer, nalby etc ......

his BH & FH , if he played a similar style as he did in the 90s, would suffer relatively these days ...

I notice you posted a similar thing about newk's BH in the thread about newk & my reply would be very similar .....

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