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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
Is three Masters 1000 tournament equivalents better than 1 WCT final? If so Orantes should have the top position.
Ashe won the entire WCT tour, with 4 titles, not including Dallas. And I've always understood that the WCT tour, in those days, featured the toughest competition.

I haven't studied the fields of the various events in detail, but I've tracked how the top players did against the rest of the Top Ten throughout the year.

Ashe: 13-9
Orantes: 10-7
Borg: 11-9
Connors: 6-3

The Top Ten competition that Ashe and Orantes faced was very similar, and in fact Ashe has more Top Ten wins than anyone else.

So however the events may be defined in terms of masters equivalents, I would not say that Orantes faced tougher competition than Ashe. Their competition looks comparable.

I agree with PC1, too, that it's a negative for Orantes to have won nothing outside of clay. Ashe's achievements were more diverse: 6 of his 8 titles were on carpet, another on hard and another on grass.
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