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Initial Propulse 4 impressions:

I've put about 4 hours on mine playtest shoes so far.

Break in: Per the TW product description, slight break in required and I agree. VERY quick break in period. Took about 10-15 mins. After a few hard cuts on the court, i had to tighten the laces and VOILA! the Propulse 4s were broken in.

Fit: Per the TW product description, length is true to size; width is medium. I agree on the length. I am finding the width to be a bit wider than medium. I describe it as a generous medium fit in the forefoot/toebox. These are a bit roomier than the Propulse 2s. The fit of the heel is medium. Can't really comment on the arch support as I have flat feet and need to use prescription orthotics. However, orthotic wearers rejoice! the heel cup accomodates orthotics nicely. My orthotics seated perfectly whereas it took a few months before my orthotics finally settled into the heel box of the Addidas Barricade Vs and the Nike CB 3.3s.

Comfort: AWESOME! Super comfy. This is the 1st tennis shoe of the more durable offerings that is just so comfortable after the brief break in period that i would wear these around on the weekend. There are no tight spots causing any pinching; no hard plastic materials that dig into the ankle or the outer part of the forefoot and toes, etc. The Cell Shield upper molded nicely around my feet. The cushioning is first rate! I really liked the low to the ground feel of the Propulse 2s but my only complaint was that the forefoot cushioning seemed a bit thin. The Propulse 4s aren't quite as low profile as the 2s, but they are still feel closer to the ground that than the CB 3.3s and the Barricade Vs both of which had really thick cushioning under the heel. While the Propulse 4 heel cushioning isn't as thick as the CB3.3 or B5s, the heel Kompressor cushioning system offers comparable levels of shock absorption while still allowing me to feel connected to the court. The forefoot cushioning is the best i've felt in any tennis shoe. it's not overly rigid like the CBs and Barricades but it's more cushioned. When i bounce on the balls of my feet, i can feel the Side 2 Side technology with the 3D Dynamic Fishbone providing the cushioned feel and then springing back like a shock absorber. While I'm not sure it helps get me to the ball quicker, it sure does an excellent job at providing effective cushioning.

Stability/Support: Because of the Propulse 4s low profile design, stability is excellent as is support. Additionally, like the prior generations of Propulses, the FootBelt straps do a great job of securing the foot.

More to come as I continue to spend more time in these fantastic shoes...Good thing I really love these shoes as I get free Propulse 4s for the next 12 months!

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