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Originally Posted by Al Czervik View Post
Bobby, those are pimp. I am a huge fan of the gray uppers overall, and I would have never thought of that color scheme with them. Why you gotta scratch out your dedication?...

The fitframe color is an issue. Yours and the guy who tried to do a Mac Attack had the white turned gray. It still looks cool though. My only disappointment on color choices is that the midsole should have more than black or white.
Yep, the grey looks great imo. It's also less prone to looking dirty quickly.

The fitframe is a little annoying. Had I known it would be like that I might have tried something else. The problem is it doesn't come in grey and blue would have added too much colour to them imo. As you say, having limited midsole options reduced the options for colour matching.

Re: scratching the name out.. ha ha, I never thought of that.
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