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Originally Posted by eastbayliz View Post
I would never be able to play at a place like this were it not for a tournament. My head spins when I think of how much money they probably charge for a membership and court fee's.

First courts I have seen inside in California. I'm from Utah where it snows so I grew up playing inside half the year..from the darkest most claustrophobic bubbles to some outstanding indoor clubs and facilities. I'm just thrilled to have a chance to play tournaments with bigger Women's draws.
I've asked them about membership, because the thought of playing on fast courts with near perfect conditions is something I will always fancy.

- Initiation fee is something ridiculous like $500-$1500. They don't have a set price and fluctuate depending on the season.
- Monthly dues can be anywhere from $180-$250/month.
- Add $$$ court time fees on top of your monthly dues.

Even if I overlook that ridiculous initiation fee, ~$200/month+court fees for stuffy, overbooked, poorly designed courts (no room beyond the alleys), and non-impressive amenities.

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