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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
RE-READ my post.

I clearly said that there are some collegiate golfers who DO cheat.

BUT there are NOT nearly enough cheating collegiate golfers that results in having the rules of golf have to be CHANGED to deal with the cheating.

The same CANNOT be said about collegiate D1 mens tennis in general.

Don't be so naive and defensive by taking my observations about collegiate D1 tennis players so personally.
Go back and re-read yourself. You're the only one who said anything about cheating. Playing lets also removes additional doubt, saves time and is one less thing to argue. A let call on match point could also be a correct call, then debated. Comparing golf to tennis just because they are self officiated is apples and oranges. They've been playing nets in D1 men's tennis for about 15 years. Welcome back to college tennis.
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