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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Those close in seats that are near the court are "season" ticket holders and corporate seating - many are also reserved for the various tours that offer full packages - those can run you at the least $1000+ per session - i know folks who have bought a 5 day package from a certain tour group and paid $6000+ for seats right behind the players. USTA in fact holds back a certain number of prime seats for corporate demands and VIPs - one reason you see so many empty seats courtside unless its a top top player.

It's a tough issue but just buy the best seats you can now - and on courts like 17 and the grandstand and even Armstrong you can get right down there courtside.

I would never trust google or resale sites outside the USTA one as I know folks in years past have been scammed and scammed badly.
Thank you very much for the explanation gavna.

Here is the map for Arthur Ashe.
Even lodge seats are "reserved" seats?

Because, if I'm not mistaken, the best seats I can get from USTA website right now are lower promenade.
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