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Hi Bobby - thanks for replying.

I work (main job) as a teacher of Japanese taiko drumming. Wife and I are currently looking to either buy or build a house with an attached dojo.

I live in semi rural germany, so possible renovations would be for old houses with attached barns/stables. Most of these places have thick walls but we'd still build a room within a room and try and insulate further. Unfortunately, when you're talking of renovating a house older than 200 or 300 years, there can be a lot of hidden and unexpected costs, so predicting a budget is tough.

a newly built house gives you a pretty good estimate of costs upfront. The main concern is keeping the noise in and not bothering the neighbours. I teach in groups of 7-9 drummers. If you've ever heard/seen taiko, you know that's fairly loud. We'd be planning for around 50-60 sq meters. Muffling the noise inside the space is a secondary concern for now. If the neighbours complain, I lose income (and waste building costs).

I've been offered a couple of construction options here by builders, but I'd like to run them past someone with specific acoustics experience. They sound ok, but like I said, they're coming from builders who may not have the experience I'm looking for.

Is your background in this area mate, or have you done something similar yourself?
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