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Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
I suggested the O3 Original Red because of its reputation as a good novice frame. But the O3 Hybrid Hornet is very similar with a few differences. The Hornet has O ports on the top and bottom of the hoop, where the Red has them at top, bottom, left and right. The Hornet Midplus is a 100" hoop, where the Red is a 105". The Hornet is a little stiffer. The Red is a little more muted. The beam of the Red is slightly thicker than the Hornet. They are almost the same weight, but the Red is a little more head light. The Hornet would probably feel marginally more like the Hammer than the Red, but I'd recommend demoing both Princes.

I'd like to mention that while my playing skills are on the lower end of the scale, I've been playing tennis since 1985, while holding a BA in Physics since 1997.
Thank you Muppet! Now that's what I'm looking for. I appreciate your explanation. I think several people have provided good recommendations but most did not defend their suggestions - some did, however. For the most part, I don't know if they were recommending the racket they currently use or the racket their daughters
use(d) as young teens, etc.

I have a Prince Graphite Comp OS and a Pro Kennex Ace Mid (both listed in the for sale section) and she prefers the Prince b/c of the its size. But it's way too heavy for her. She does not like anything about the Pro Kennex Ace or other mid size rackets. We'll take a look at the O3 Orig Red.
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