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I'm looking at several light rackets; less than 9.3 oz strung (according to specs listed on TW). A small number of people did recommend light rackets. More people have recommended to stay away from light rackets or the rackets they recommended are not light. But what are light rackets for if not for first time players (and seniors wanting/needing to reduce the weight)?

When you have a 12 yo who has played a whopping 3 times with a child's racket weighing 6.9 oz strung and who is still trying to return balls while facing you, you have to wonder if that kid is ready for most - not all - of the rackets recommended. Yes, she will turn 13 in 2 months and yes, she is 5 ft tall - making her as tall as some adults. But is she really ready to go from a 6.9 oz to a racket weighing more than 10 oz when strung? She does not like the rackets weighing more 9.3 oz.

If I purchase a light weight racket and in a few months, she needs it be to a little heavier, can't I add some tape or a couple of weights on the head?

Thanks everyone for continuing to add to this conversation! I'm very much trying to understand this, especially if there is some science supporting it.
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