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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
There is a guy in my neighborhood selling one of these that looks like its in good condition. I would like to learn to string, will this unit be okay for a beginner? He says it has not been used for years, what do I need to test to make sure it all works properly? The brand is LaserFibre.
Well, it's not all THAT old(see the BR-3 or Serrano threads ).
I'd be all over that machine unless something is wrong with it. I've had virtually zero problems with mine in 8 years or so.

Of course, the clamps need to function properly, turntable must move freely, all the mounting pieces should be in place, etc. If you could enlist the help of a friend familiar with the LF machines, that would be useful.

That would be a fantastic 'beginner' machine...and more! I've been stringing for 40 years and it's my choice.
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