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Originally Posted by bcart1991 View Post
They're different leagues. Shame on your captain for not making sure he had both lineups covered in case that exact scenario happened.

I've had to deal with that before as captain. Players just have to make a choice, I won't put a player in both lineups and "hope" they can make both matches.

If I was in a tight spot and had to overlap lineups, I would have had email correspondence from the opposing captain agreeing to a later start time. Then you could send that to ALTA instead of them telling you to pound sand.
I agree that they are different leagues but do think that ALTA should plan a little better from a timing perspective. My Seniors team has the same players on both regular and seniors mixed. Since Seniors regular season is on Saturday at 10, mixed, Sunday at 1, there isn't any scheduling conflicts. But in the playoffs, another story. ALTA wants as much participation as possible but scenarios like this can make a person bitter about playing both individual leagues.

You can say what you want about USTA, but in my local league, if you had a team that was participating in a State Tourney and a regular season USTA match that same weekend, they would let you reschedule if the bulk of your players are at state.
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