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But isn't this an issue with 2 different leagues? If yes, it sounds like some members of your team were stretched thin and needed to prioritize which league was more important.

Originally Posted by ace18 View Post
Although this doesnt directly impact me, I have a real bone to pick with ALTA. Some of my friends had a Senior Mixed playoff match Sunday at 10, 45 miles away. They had a Mixed playoff match 60 miles from their Seniors Playoff Match. The captain of the Mixed team let the Regular Mixed opponent know that they could be a little late since they were playing the ALTA seniors match that morning and a great distance away. The 1s starting playing in the regular mixed match at 1, the 2s got to the courts at 1:25 and the captain of the home team said too bad, you are defaulted. The captains talked to the coordinators and it appears the coordinators were in agreement that they arrived past default time.

First of all, what a way to advance to the next round by making the other team drive all that way and then shoot them down, but more importantly, shame on ALTA for even putting teams in this scenario. 3 hours between different league playoff matches is not very well thought out. I understand that ALTA doesn't give a hoot about USTA playoffs, but their own, come on! You shouldn't have to revise your lineup because of ALTA scheduling.
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