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Originally Posted by thejackal View Post
yes and no. in my experience (in the canadian market), what usually happens is that the brewers make deals directly with the retailer. a usual arrangement is Big Brewer A gets 50% of the visual space and first choice of where brands go (in exchange for better marketing support and some sort of financial incentive), Big Brew B gets 30% and second choice. Then everyone else fights for the rest.

Would much rather have 3 facings of the same brand, than 1 facing of 3 different brands even if I own all 3. also it's way more cost effective to promote less brands, than more.
not sure about Canada but have heard from "smaller" US micro brewers that distribution can be say "problematic".

the spirit stores (not grocery,etc) in FL that get a good bit of traffic carry a fair number of different brewers/micro brews for those seeking craft brews.
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