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Originally Posted by jdubbs View Post
I just quit my membership there. My monthly bill was running to about $600 a month!

You can never get a court. Old timers who paid a one time fee back when they were desparate for people have the system perfected. They pay no court fees and have an extremely low monthly to none so its great for them, but sucks for the rest of us.
The service there is horrible. Employees are instructed to get those fees wherever and whenever possible. they'll have a member appreciation night with mediocre food and charge $50. They do what they can to extract super high fees from you for every little thing, including parking. Court fees are outrageous, considering its usually decent weather outside, if slightly chilly.

Definitely one of the worst rip offs for tennis anywhere. Stay away.
If you play against SFTC people outdoors in a league match, they'd b!tch a lot about the sun, slight breeze, and everything that involves being outside.
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