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Sure, I'll give it a go. Just as a side note, I haven't hit a tennis ball in a bit, maybe a month or so, because I'm just too pregnant these days. However, I've hit both of these quite a lot, and these were my go-to sticks before.

I don't have elbow issues, but I find them equally comfortable, albeit in different ways. The Q5 has a crisper feel off the stringbed but remains not jarring on the arm, I would guess due to the kinetic system. I also primarily play with full beds of multi in my own racquets, but I played a fairly crisp multi in that one last and again found it be comfortable at all times.

The Formula 100 has a more muted, dampened feel. I've hit this one more extensively than the Q5 just because it's been around much longer. I've hit full beds of poly, hybrids and full multi string jobs without any issues. It has a high stiffness rating but it doesn't have that jarring sensation that many racquets with high RAs have.

Tiffani, TW
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