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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Another great goal from our very own Van Persie>Ronaldo>etc sets us up nicely as we come to the business end of the season. Arsenal game is massive of course. But even if the wheels were to come off in this 1 game a bit (AFC always seem to up their game several notches against us), I do not foresee a Redknapp-style all out 2 month collapse on the cards... just need to keep 'player of the year' Gareth Bale fit... and playing up the middle more probably!
It looks like Tottenham are probably favourites for 3rd, so even if you fail on that, it looks like 4th as a worse case scenario.

You just have to hope Arsenal don't pull off a miracle and win the Champions League coming 4th two years in a row and missing out wouldn't be ideal!
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