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Originally Posted by sapient007 View Post
paulman. thinking about picking up a pair or 2 of vibram fingerlings for myself and thumber.. what type should i get? this would be mostly for light jogging/walking. unlike you, i actually value my knees.
Haha. You need to go to REI and try them all out but you can get them cheaper elsewhere. I like the Kangaroo leather KSO Treks most. They're the most durable and don't stink up your feet (leather) as much like the man-made materials do. You can jog and walk and do hikes in them just fine. Also, if you don't wanna go sock-less, get the Injinji toe socks. Usually 1 size difference max between no socks and Injinji.

Still gotta pay and get that 20 yo Scotch bottle from you...if it's not already empty?!?

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