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Originally Posted by PhrygianDominant View Post
You already have a lot of great advice. I recently went through a similar process on my 2hbh. You are a better player than me based on your ranking, but I still feel that my point is valid:

Which stance are you using? I was closing my stance, using lateral weight transfer, and hitting with a straight hitting arm (left). The result was a pretty flat ball. Good for passing shots but not so good for protracted rallying from the baseline. Especially not for angles and hitting up the line.

I changed that somewhat intuitively/organically. By that I mean it wasn't intentional. I simply stopped thinking about my arms, and whether they were straight or not. This allowed my hitting arm to bend a bit, Yandell calls it the flex. I now have a small bend in both elbows. I also have a more neutral stance and lead with my hips more. I started focusing on feeling the weight of the racquet in my hitting hand as I allow the racquet to drop, which automatically relaxed my non hitting arm. Now I generate a much better mix of pace and spin, which remain proportional to eachother as I increase swing speed. Hope this helps.
Using a semi-open stance by default. On stretch shots, I'll often go full open if forced.
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