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Originally Posted by Woolybugger View Post
kids that play the best tennis under pressure are the ones that play for the love of the game.
kids that play the worst tennis under pressure are the ones that play for the love of the father.

Yep I understand and I think there are some case where it is not true
I didn't introduce tennis to him, (I wanted him to do Martial arts )
He introduced me to tennis, He was watching Prince of tennis (Manga).

It is just that because i love him, i want him to do the best for whatever he chose.

He is shy, but he never give up no matter what.
Even if he loose, he keep asking me to do tournament and train.
And it is where i am a little loss, I can't stand (but try to change) to see him losing so may be I take a part too much in.

I Remember 2 years ago, when we went to his first Team tennis
He was losing to everyone, and cry.
And he told me dad i want to train, so that how i become his ball feeder even the feed is so bad.
And that how i was involve more and more of my time (and money T_T )
Today he play not bad (In sense that i don't play tennis), but still not focus enough.

Yesterday, he asked me to train him to have control and not hit the ball too hard vs hit with more speed.
We trained like 2.5 hours and I had to tell him to stop because I was tired :P and it began to be late.

He is my son so I know him,
His problem is like me when i had his age :P, but i didn't do any sport, just play outside with Friend.

And may be I just don't want him to be as shy as me.
We always want our kid to be better than ourself

Hope he will overcome that and play his best

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