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Easy buy if the price isn't outrageous. I'd say it's worth it for anything lower than $600 TBH. You can do a lot worse under the $8-900 range, even. If it's in good shape, I'd jump on it if it's cheaper than that [which i'm going to guess it is].

Clamps are excellent, but with some drawback issues, mounting can be a little bit of a pain (slow), tensioner is awesome. Where is this machine being sold?

Edit: One of the MOST BEAUTIFUL things about this machine is that it requires SO LITTLE string to tension. There's no diablo, there's no rotating drum, if you can reach the tensioner, you're golden. Gripping is simple, elegant, and gentle. I've never worried about a string slipping. You always have the "backup" of wrapping the string around the tensioner in a U shape (away and then back into the machine).
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