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Default Dream machine(s), Featuresets, Wishlists

Hi All,

Something I've been mulling over in my head for a while is what my "dream machine" (or machines) would look like. When I say machines, I'm not specifically referring to stringing machines, this could include things like the RDC and/or diagnostic equipment. What are your criteria for a true "dream machine?" What do you find fantastic about X machine compared to Y machine? What is it lacking that would elevate it to "perfect" status?

Sort of separate/related question: Most home stringers won't have the ability to dedicate enough resources to purchase their own RDC. How much would you be willing to pay to have the functionality of an RDC? What's functionality like that worth to you? I did a google search and found it was roughly ~$5200 Do you wish you had the ability to measure SBS/SW/Balance/Flex?

Is there anything ELSE you wish you had available to you in a home stringing setup? Stringing robots? The sky is the limit here, I want to hear about the crazy things that run through fellow stringers' heads while they're beating themselves up in front of their machines.
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