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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
There is no objection. Why can't anyone comment on aesthetics of a players game without being accused of hating or being a "girl" (heh, nice 'insult' Merwy)? The point of posting that picture was not to hate on Gulbis, but just to show the excessive movements he does before hitting his forehand (which kinda look funny IMO). Gulbis's forehand is not even that unorthodox. He does have excessive arm movement, but boiled down, he still gets the racquet head speed and windshield viper finish which is essential for the modern forehand.

Also, nothing about Federer's forehand is textbook.
Federer's forehand was not textbook at the time of his emergence, but since now everyone wants to play with it, instructors feel compelled to teach it. A large percentage of rec players are Federer wannabes, with the bandana, wristband and moisture-wicking polo courtesy of Nike to match. No other player seems to have such conspicuous imitators (a few teenagers try to play like Nadal but rarely adopt the full get-up). That demographic must be catered to by the tennis community. So for better or worse, Federer's forehand is the new textbook forehand.
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