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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
oh, you would need to have read the books, really.

it is a reference to a mythical corporation famous for making high tech stuff that was frustratingly complex and unreliable. I meant mid size frames remind me of them. ie, you can be so pleased to actually play a decent shot with them (because they are so demanding) that you forget you would have played that shot and a lot more with a larger frame..

to teh guy asking about stiffness : for me, very comfortable.
Today I was hitting with a 2003 Fischer racket, 102 head. 10.4 unstrung. Felt head heavy. I like it because I can just whip it around with strength and get nasty angles and massive spin. On serves it lacked a bit of mass maybe. No vibrations at all but felt nice and stiff.
So, maybe the X 7 is along this type of racket which you can use to crush the ball, get great pace, big sweetspot, no vibrations and light and maneuvarable to hit all night with it without that log feel of heavy, players rackets? And, do you think this extended length racket does not affect one handed backhand strokes?

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