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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
I paid up and brought her home today. After reading these replies I am a bit embarrassed at what I paid, and he handed a huge bag of strings too. I also feel a bit like the kid whose grandpa gave him a muscle car but I can't drive a stick! I am in Denver Coach, I'd you have anything that would help a newbie I would be most apprciative.

It looks and feels like a solid thing. Everything glides and slides and feels good. I will post pics if you guys are interested. Can I do that as a rookie forum member?
That's what I figure. If the guy is selling to a neighborhood buddy, it's obvious he wasn't ever in a rush to sell it, so I had to wager you got a steal on it

Tell us the haul, so we can live vicariously through you

Edit: If you want, I can probably dig up an example video of a frame strung on it by a friend... I might even have it on my hard drive. If I do i'll work on getting it up on youtube.

Edit 2: Found the video, will be up in half an hour or more.

Video of a friend stringing, it's currently processing at 10:26PM PST, not sure when it'll be up.... I uploaded a really long video and chopped it down, not sure how fast YT processing goes...
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